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True Gold Coast stories, told live on stage to an original sountrack. 

May 5, 2022

Emmeline Anthony is a student at Somerset College and performed this story as part of Storyfest 2020. 

Her story 'When This Becomes Enough' tackles an issue I know I felt when I was in my teens. Why go outside when I am totally comfortable inside my room? My perfectly safe space.

I asked Emmeline, if her story was a...

Apr 29, 2022

Ayla Chirathivat-Geralds loves the world and when the pandemic hit in 2020, she knew that she would not be going on an aeroplane for quite some time. But luckily for her she discovered that the place she calls home is a pretty wonderful place.

This Stories in the Key of GC performance was presented at Somerset Storyfest...

Feb 10, 2022

Script writer and comedian Marni Little shares her powerful story '20/20 is Hindsight'.  It explores 12 months filled with the promise of a new life in a new city, a career trajectory on the up and a cancer diagnosis that could have taken her down. With humour and a sense of wonder, Marni navigates the peaks and...

Jan 26, 2022

Take a trip with comedian Desh as he tells his hilarious and poignant story of his coming of age in a tale - 'Smells Like GC'

Told via three seperate car trips to the Gold Coast, you will smell the beer soaked Arts Center in the early 2000's and you will definitly smell the sweat of the frenzied crowd at Fishos for...